Monday, November 12, 2012

Myths About Preppers

While some people have been influenced by TV shows like Doomsday Preppers, the subject of prepping is far from a fad.  In fact, preparedness is something that’s been talked about as far back as early Biblical times. The Bible is filled with many examples of prepping and even offers preparedness advice.
The story of Noah is probably one of the best examples of prepping in the bible. In Genesis, Noah is instructed to prepare for the coming flood by stockpiling food for his family.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Off The Grid Network: Unplugged

As millions live without power or sanitation, or even gasoline, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, it seems the North-East of America is getting its first big lesson in living without the access to the power grid and fresh water supplies that are taken for granted the rest of the time. While the big banks and financial institutions were largely up and running within 24 hours, millions of ordinary homes are last in the queue, giving way rightly to hospitals and schools, and wrongly to offices and factories.

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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Off The Grid Network: Building a Shelter Out of Natural Materials

Ever wondered what you would do if you were stuck without a tent or a tarp to protect yourself from the elements?  Should you ever find yourself in the wild without appropriate shelter, here’s some good news: you can build your own.  Within just a few short hours, you can build yourself what many refer to as a “debris hut” and have somewhere dry and warm to spend the night.  What you first need to consider is…
Location, Location, Location
Before you start constructing your shelter, you have to think about where you’re going to place it.  Some considerations that must be made include:
  • Avoid building your shelter in any low spots (this is where water and other debris pool and gather)
  • Look around and check for any dead standing trees or any other large objects that could potentially fall or roll onto your shelter
  • Consider where the shelter is in relation to materials that you’ll need, as well as any food and water sources.  You don’t want to build a shelter that’s too far away from the things you’ll need; otherwise you’ll waste too much time and energy gathering those materials every day
Build When The Time’s Right
No one wants to get stuck without a shelter overnight, so you should give yourself ample time to build it.  Make sure that you give yourself at least two hours before sundown, though take into consideration the fact that it will get darker in the woods far sooner than before the sun goes down.  Add on another two hours if you find yourself in such a situation.
Building The Shelter
When you’re walking through the woods and you know you’re coming close to a time when you’ll need to stop and build a shelter, start looking around for a strong ridgepole.  Ideally you want the ridgepole to be double your height, though anything that’s at least a bit taller than when the tallest member of your party has their arms over their head will do.  Look for things like a broken tree or a thick tree branch.
Next, it’s time to start hunting around for a ridgepole “rest.”  Keep your eyes peeled for something that will allow you to rest your ridgepole against it, such as a boulder, the fork of a sturdy tree, or a stump.  One end will be propped up against the “rest,” and the other end will be against the ground. The ridgepole and the “rest” should create a right-triangle shape with the ground.
Now on to the next part: the ribbing.  The “ribbing” will act as a support for the materials that you’ll use to build the roof.  Sturdy, straight branches make for great ribbing.  Place the branches vertically along both sides of the ridgepole.  Once complete, crawl inside of your shelter and see how well you fit.  While you don’t want your shelter to be so small that you aren’t able to fit, you also don’t want it to be so large that it’ll be difficult for you to retain any heat inside.  A good way of thinking about your shelter is to picture making yourself a sleeping bag.  If it’s too big, then either break down the ridgepole and start again or look for another.  If it’s too small, then it’s time to hunt down a new, longer ridgepole.

Friday, November 2, 2012

What Is Globalization and How Does It Impact You?

Have you ever wondered what big government was up to?  Have you ever wanted to learn more about the 'one world order' movement is making a difference in your own life?

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