Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Yellowstone Super-Volcano a Ticking Time Bomb for the US
 A super-volcano under Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming is an even bigger threat to the U.S. than previously thought, scientists have found. Researchers from the University of Utah said the volcano’s magma chamber – a lake of molten rock beneath the National Park – is approximately 2.5 times bigger than earlier estimates suggested. 
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Monday, December 16, 2013

What is "The Grid"?

Every month, millions of Americans check their mail seeking the comforts of a handwritten letter or their favorite magazine only to be greeted by white envelopes with miniature cellophane windows. We're all familiar with these mailers -- power, water, gas and telephone bills, all conspiring to take your hard-earned money. For most people, paying utility bills is a tiresome and frustrating task. What if there was a way to get out from under the thumb of public utilities and produce your own sustainable energy? Well, there is. Going "off-grid" is becoming an increasingly popular choice for people looking to reduce their carbon footprint, assert their independence and avoid reliance on fossil fuels.

­"The grid" is a common name for the power grid -- the linked system that delivers electricity to the masses. A typical house is connected to power, natural gas, water and telephone lines. Going off the grid means shunning these public utilities in favor of creating your own energy. Some homeowners choose to be partially off the grid by supplying their own electricity and ditching their phone line, while relying on the convenience of city water and sewage. Others choose to live completely off-grid by digging wells or using a cistern system to collect water. A septic tank takes care of the sewage and, just like that, no more water bill either.

­It's impossible to get an accurate count of exactly how many people in the United States live off-grid, but in 2006, Home Power magazine estimated that more than 180,000 homes were supplying their own power. Another 27,000 homes use solar and wind energy to offset their grid-connected life according to USA Today.  

The back-to-the-land movement accounts for some of these numbers, but more people in developed urban areas are looking to get off the grid as well. For most, it's a good way to be friendly to the environment. For others, it's a relief not to rely on overworked utility companies to meet their needs.

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Beer Can Transformed Into A Stove!

Did you know that you could take an ordinary beer can and make a STOVE out of it?  If you are into Off-the-Grid living, then you will love this nifty idea for a simple heater that runs on medicinal alcohol.

Check out the video in the following link!

Widow Faces Eviction for Off-the-Grid Lifestyle

This just in from :The Blaze:    A Fla. city is set to evict a widow for her unique lifestyle of “living off the grid.”

Robin Speronis told WFTX-TV that she was given an eviction notice after the station aired a story about how she chooses to live in a home without modern amenities, such as running water and electricity.
“A code enforcement officer came, knocked on the door then posts a placard that says uninhabitable property, do not enter,” Robin said.


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ideas from a Self-sustaining Cabin in Maine

It was thirty years in the making, but this self-sustaining cabin twenty miles off the coast of Maine offers some great ideas to apply for folks in the Sho-Me state to consider.  These include solar, an on-demand water heater, and more.

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